General guidelines for the care of cut flowers

Flowers accompany us throughout life. Birthday, wedding, housewarming, christening - practically not one holiday is complete without flowers. Flowers evoke so many pleasant emotions, and, of course, everyone wants them to please their beauty for as long as possible. If the bouquet you donated or bought was chosen correctly, the florist has already taken care of it, you just have to cut it and put it in the water, but in order for the flowers to stand for as long as possible, we have prepared several recommendations. Of course, all the flowers are different, some varieties stay fresh longer than others, but following the simple rules of care will help keep your bouquet fresh.
Basic rules for care:

  • flowers are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. If it’s cold outside and the bouquet is brought into a hot room, you do not need to immediately put it in water, let the flowers adapt a little, putting the bouquet for 5-10 minutes. in a cool place.
  • prepare a vase, preferably a glass one, it should be clean. Metal vases are not suitable for storing flowers, ceramic and plastic are suitable, but only in the absence of chips and scratches on the inner surface. The height of the vase should be 50-60% of the height of the bouquet. If the gift bouquet is larger, but the vases were not found in size, feel free to shorten the stems - if there is not enough water, the flowers will not last long.
  • the best water for flowers is tap water with dissolved top dressing. You can use ice water if the flowers have been without water for a long time. Ice water dissolves air bubbles formed at the cut-off point, opening the way for water absorption. Use top dressing for cut flowers, it can be bought at any flower shop. In good flower delivery companies, a dressing bag is always attached to the bouquet.
  • Be sure to remove the shipping packaging, usually a transparent cellophane or kraft paper. Nothing is in the water except the stems. leaves, paper or cellophane contribute to the growth of bacteria, which, in turn, cause the decomposition of stem tissue and subsequent blockage of blood vessels. Remove all leaves below the edge of the vase.
  • cut the stems with a knife or secateurs at least 2 cm, optimally 5-10 cm. Use only clean tools. The cut should be done at a slight angle to prevent damage or flattening of the stem.
  • if you are not using top dressing, you need to change water every day, renew the cut and wash the vase. If you use top dressing, you just need to add a new solution as needed.
  • only leaves can be sprayed in a bouquet. If water gets on the buds, botritis (gray rot) may develop. Timely remove from the bouquet wilted flowers and flowers damaged by gray rot.
  • Do not place flowers in direct sunlight, on a draft, next to heating appliances, ripening fruit, or in smoking rooms.

Adhering to the listed recommendations, you will keep the gift freshness and aroma as long as possible!

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