Addresses and contacts

Zaporizhzhia, Cathedral Avenue, 177

If you have a question, read the list of frequently asked questions below. Most likely, you will find the answer here.

How to place an order for flower delivery?

You can place an order yourself on the website. Add a bouquet, arrangement or gift to your basket and go to the basket to place an order. Please, fill in the order details as accurately as possible. This will save us, your time and the time of the recipient. Payment is due after order confirmation. You can also place an order by phone with a manager.

Where are you?

We are located in Zaporozhye. Orders in Zaporozhye are carried out directly by our florists, orders in other regional cities are carried out by our partners. We carefully and responsibly approach the choice of partners, so be sure that the order will be completed with the highest quality.

When can delivery be made?

Delivery of the order is carried out at the time specified by you when placing the order. If you need urgent delivery, check the possibility and time of delivery with the manager.

What if I don't know the recipient's address?

If you do not know the recipient’s address, we can contact the recipient using the data you specified and find out to which address we can deliver.

Is it possible to get a photo with the recipient?

Photo with the recipient is a free service. If you want to receive a photo of the recipient with the delivered order, please specify it in the comments when placing the order or by phone with the manager. The photo will be sent to an email address or messenger, in which your phone number is registered. The photo with the recipient will not be taken if the recipient refuses and in rare cases may not be made due to the fault of the courier. The photo report is not a paid service, therefore Flowerkiss is not responsible for its failure.

Will the bouquet be the same as in the picture?

Yes, with rare exceptions when any component of the bouquet will be out of stock. In such cases, with the consent of the customer, the flower will be replaced with the most similar in color and price.

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient is not at the address specified in the order, the courier can leave the parcel to neighbors or return it to the store and deliver it later again for a fee.

How do I know that an order has been delivered?

After the courier hands over the order, we will notify you by SMS message (if your phone number is a subscriber of the Ukrainian mobile network), by e-mail, the address of which will be indicated when ordering, or through the messenger in which the phone number is registered.

Is anonymous delivery possible?

Yes, we deliver all our orders anonymously, we care about the confidentiality of our customers and do not disclose information about the customer to either the recipient or unauthorized persons. The recipient can find out about the sender only in a free postcard, the text of which you can write when placing an order.

Will the courier call the recipient before delivery?

Yes, we call the recipient before delivery to make sure that the recipient will be at the specified address at the right time and a meeting with the courier is possible. If you are sure that the recipient will be at the specified address at the specified time and want the order to be delivered without a call, indicate this in the comments to the order. If the recipient is not at the specified address, re-delivery is possible for an additional fee. We also call the recipient if the exact delivery address is not specified.

Are all the bouquets on the site available?

Yes, all the bouquets are in stock, but there are rare cases when any component of the bouquet is missing. In such cases, the customer will be notified and the replacement of the component with the most similar in color and price will be agreed with him.

I have not found the answer to my question

You can contact us by one of the contact phones, through any of the indicated messengers or ask us a question by filling out the form

+38 067 001 10 61